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Robyn Cornelius

Silversmithing Instructor

Little Rock Jewellery Studio

Robyn Cornelius has a degree in Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design – majoring in Jewelry and Metals. She has her own custom design studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, called Little Rock Jewelry Studio making art jewellery and fine jewellery. She has worked as a silversmith/goldsmith for over sixteen years. She teaches classes all over Canada and the United States.


Her work is a collection of jewellery that is sculptural and colourful, with clever mechanics and rustic finishes.

Check her website out:


Silversmithing Instructor

Peanut Gallery Jewelry

My name is Andrea Haukedal and I have been in the jewellery industry since 2009. My career began as a hobby after I attended an introductory silversmithing class.

After some practice, I was employed as a bench jeweller at Bedrock Supply doing routine repair work. In the meantime I began instructing at Bedrock as well.

I express my art in my personal line of work bearing the name Peanut Gallery Jewelery. I use traditional metal working techniques with modern applications.

I feel very fortunate to have had a background that includes repair work,
instruction, and the operation of my own art jewellery company; it has made me a well rounded jeweler and I have learned and continue to learn the most by teaching my students. It is my hope that you come to class with an open mind and learn many new things, as well as find joy in the process. See you in the studio!

Check out her website:

Cynthia MacDonald

Cynthia MacDonald

Lampworking Instructor

Cynthia MacDonald is a local glass bead artist from Edmonton , Alberta. She has been involved with glass bead making since 2006. She has taken many classes from national and international glass artists.


Cynthia currently works out of Bedrock Supply in Edmonton and teaches glass bead making classes in their studio. She is passionate about all things glass and enjoys creating unique glass art.

Deb Karash

Deb Karash

Guest Artist

Deb Karash brings color to metal using a technique more often used on paper.  She creates beautiful jewelry by drawing on metal with Prismacolor pencils. A fascination with color and texture informs her work; both geometric and botanical, with the occasional branching off into whimsical robots and rockets. 


While her subject matter may change, her unusual technique remains consistent.  It is her bold use of color and her application technique that drives students around the world to seek her out as a teacher.  Why does Deb choose to draw on metal? 


“Jewelry is about intimacy and connection.  It has a history of marking special moments in time and it is one of the rare art forms that we carry out in the world with us.  We use it to tell the outside world something about ourselves.” 


Through teaching she delights in sharing her skills and bringing students together to learn and to share their own skills and stories.  For her, teaching is more than just imparting information.  “There is a joy in giving a student that ‘aha’ moment when something really changes for them,” she says, “I love guiding their skills to the next level.”

“My creative process is time consuming but drawing on metal provides a surface that is unique and can’t be achieved any other way.  Colored pencil drawing allows me to blend colors and create patterns that are uniquely mine.   Jewelry combines so many components that I love: fashion, ornament, art, texture, color, and structure.”

Check out her website:

Helen Smale

Helen Smale

Chainmaille Instructor

Sweet Dragon Designs

When Helen started working at bedrock supply in 2012 she didn’t know very much about jewellery making. Her mother was shopping in the store one day and saw that they were hiring so she told Helen to apply.


A couple weeks later she got a call to come in for an interview and started work the next day. Once she settled in a bit, Helen started to take some classes so she would know more about the products the store sold. One particular class really caught her eye, Byzantine chainmaille. Since then she has been exploring the world of chainmaille in all its forms, but mostly jewellery related and smaller projects.


For the last few years Helen has been teaching various chainmaille patterns and introducing more people to the ancient craft. But that’s not all! She also does wire wrapping, mostly on raw stones and crystals, and teaches others how to take their favourite stones and turn them into a beautiful new piece of jewellery. Currently, Helen is in university and only works part-time on miscellaneous projects and teaches classes.

Check out her work:


Rachel Key

Beading Instructor

Hi. My name is Rachel Key and I love making jewelry. I love everything from basic bead-stringing to more complicated silversmithing projects. I started making my own jewelry when I was 13 years old from bags of old jewelry I was gifted from the Salvation Army. Later, I took Silversmithing classes at City Arts Centre and have been metal smithing ever since.

I teach beginning bead stringing and basic wire wrapping. Come and have fun as we explore the fundamentals of jewelry making together.


Tara Adam

Lampworking Instructor

Tara Adam began her lampworking journey in 2003. Tara’s first course was at Bedrock Supply with Phillip Neary.  This course has lead to a lifelong passion in lampwork beading. She has taken numerous classes from a wide array of local, national and international artists such as Anouk Jasperse, Astrid Riedel, Alexx Cheng, Corina and many more.


With her passion for melting glass, Tara cannot wait to inspire new beaders and welcome them into the world of lampworking!  

David Swojanoski

David Swojanovski

Soapstone Instructor

Rubble Road Soapstone

David Swojanovksi is a stone carver in Edmonton, AB Canada. He has been working with stone for 18 years beginning working in stone quarries, moving onto Lapidary stone cutting and finally Soapstone Carving.


Dave carves a large variety wildlife concentrating on Canadian animals. Using a hand carving approach, David lets the stones natural color, marking and veins guide him into which animal it should be. In this manner the pieces that David carves seem to not only have a life of their own but the stone itself is the real draw to the carving. 

Check out his website:


Carrie Carbol

Silversmithing Instructor

Two Carrots Studio

My name is Carrie and I’m the Metalsmith behind the bench at Two Carrots Studio.
Working silver, copper, and bronze, I create modern elegant pieces with form and texture in mind.


I have been exploring different textures to add to my metal work, using found objects, paper, steel plates, and chasing tools. A hammer and a punch, or a pass through the rolling mill add textures that transform a simple classic piece into a subtly complex and tactile adornment.


I find silversmithing to be the perfect
combination of right and left brain thinking; art and science, engineering and physics, and just a little bit of alchemy that results in beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Check out her website:

Kerri Meier

Kerri Meier

Metal Stamping Instructor

Anurain Designs

It’s been almost 7 years since I’ve started metal stamping! I’m always learning and
trying new things, so I’ve started adding metalsmithing to my repertoire too. I love
helping students make custom items for themselves and their loved ones. There is
a ridiculous collection of stamps for you to use in my class.

I’ve got my own jewellery business and Etsy store where i sell all the awesome
things in my shop called Anurain Designs. Come check out all that I sell at anurian.

Because i like to eat, sleep, and breathe jewellery and gemstones, I also work
at Bedrock Supply of course. Geeky to the core, I collect rocks, study biology and make animal friends, read everything, and play video games in my leisure time.

Come on down to the store and do some metal stamping with me!

Check out her work here:

Maureen Lux

Maureen Lux

Viking Knit Instructor

My name is Maureen Lux. There are many years of crafting under my belt. I began Silversmithing Level one at Bedrock. This led to Level 2, and  LOTS of other courses. Between Bedrock Supply ,and Beadworks (no longer open) there was a lot of learning going on. A lot of beads being bought. So much fun!

I started doing Viking knit while spending many hours at the UofA Hospital. While my husband was on Dialysis, his further Transplant and other health issues surfaced.

I began teaching Viking Knit  to small groups at the bead shop and taught there until it closed. Recently the instructor who taught Viking Knit at Bedrock retired and I was asked to step in.

What I know is when we do something positive we want to share it!

I am looking forward to teaching some beginner wire workshops as well.


Loralei Petersen

Enamelling/Beading  Instructor

Loralei began crating at a very young age. It all started with making clothes and furniture for her Barbies. Over the years she has expanded her crafting interests to include needlework, sewing, quilting, papercrafts,and jewelry making.


She has been busy teaching papercrafts and card making for the last 20 years and is a member of the Pretty Mean Stampers (PMS) group. Since joining the staff at Bedrock Supply she has expanded her jewellery making skills to include silversmithing and enamelling.


Murewa Falemi

Beading Instructor

Murewa Falemi is a beaded jewelry maker and enjoys teaching others how to make beaded jewelry and had their unique touch to it. She has been teaching for the last 5 years.

Murewa's current work centers on seed beads based jewelry with crystals, semi precious stones and leather.

She draws inspiration from nature and history  and fascinated by the beautiful pieces of jewelry created by other people, especially from her students.


Tools I love working with:

Size 10 Beading Needle 

Beading thread- prefer Fireline 

Bead on it beading boards


Round and flat nose pliers 



Wire Wrapping Instructor

I started wire wrapping 13 years ago while living in Camrose Alberta. I absolutely fell in love. I tried to learn as many different techniques as I could as fast as I could. Through people I knew that saw what I was doing I started making jewelry items for a company to promote their products. As I was making so much jewelry my skills were increasing. A few years later I moved to Edmonton and my contract with making the jewelry ended. I looked for a job that I could continue with my love of jewelry and I found this at Bedrock Supply. While working there I quickly learned that they had jewelry classes. Since I had a background of being a certified Education Assistant and loved teaching, I asked if I could try teaching wire wrapping classes. I loved it!

I was very happy doing this for a few years, when some family issues came up and decided to move back to Camrose. Where I ran a dayhome however I still made lots of jewelry and started making my own designs. I also started writing some pdf tutorials that I sell in my little Etsy store, taught jewelry classes at different venues as well as sold jewelry via Facebook.

Life changes have happened again and there was a need to move to Sherwood Park. So now I am blessed with the opportunity to teach Wire Classes again at Bedrock Supply.

In my classes I will share with you many of my own designs as well as share with you some of the techniques and skills I have learned over the years. I hope to teach classes that will be purposeful with teaching skills not just because they are pretty. Of course being pretty is a wonderful side benefit.

You can see my items here:

Tutorials are here:

Our Instructors

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