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Class FAQ

Download Policy

A download for all online instruction PDFs will be emailed to you upon check out. Downloads are non refundable.

Refund Policy

What does class include::

Most classes includes all tools and materials needed to make the project unless otherwise stated. Some classes require the student to bring a gemstone.  Supplies are available to purchase before a class starts.


What should you bring to class:


Students are recommended to wear any type of apron to keep their clothing clean as some of the process' can be messy. Please bring magnification if needed as you are looking at small things. Close toed shoes are recommended for all silversmithing, casting and glass classes.​


30 Days before a class the appropriate class supplies have been purchased and the teacher had made accommodations to teach the class. Many of our instructors live outside of town and some travel from other countries.

Over 30+ days notice: Full Refund or Can Transfer to another class of your choice, or have a Store Credit applied to your account. This never expires.

Under 30 Days Notice: Transfers or Store Credit on your account only.

7 Days before Class: No Refunds and No Transfers. Let us know ASAP so we can try to sell your spot for you if there is a waitlist. Many classes ran because you signed up and may be one of the only students. The teacher has already made travel and teaching arrangements, and the kits have been ordered and prepared for you etc. The teacher will still be paid for your class fee if you cancel. You are welcome to pick up your kit of supplies and handout if the kit is included in the class fee. All classes come with a handout and some classes have a video tutorial. 


You cannot transfer classes over and over again. Instead you will be given a credit on account.

Once you have attended and started a class but cannot finish the rest of the dates, your spot cannot be filled and cannot be refunded. The teacher is not responsible to catch you up for missed classes. In multiple week classes, you can catch up in the next class. 

If you no show to a class, you could as a last minute cancellation and there is no refund or transfer. The teacher will be paid for your spot. They prepped for your attendance, you can come in and pick up your handout and or kit if it is included in your class. 

FREE Classes

Classes purchased on special or coupon that give a free class. Free classes have no cash value, cannot be refunded, transferred, put on hold, banked or exchanged for a different date or class. If your free class has been cancelled by Bedrock Supply than you will be moved to the next available class date for that exact class you were registered for.

Visiting Instructors

There is no refund within three months of a visiting instructors class. By this time, class levels have been met and airfare, accommodation and kits materials have been purchased.

For all other Refund or Download Questions Contact or 780-434-2040 for further information.

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