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Make Your Own Wedding Bands

What Could Be More Special Than Hand Crafting Your Very Own Wedding Rings?

Held within our fully equipped silversmithing studio come and spend a day hand crafting your own wedding bands.When crafting your rings you will be expertly guided through each step and given all the help you need. Starting with design and moving on to heating, shaping, hammering, soldering and finishing. When booking we will discuss the materials you'd like to use so we can order these ahead ready for the day,  the materials are at an additional cost. You are welcome to bring old gold that you would like to remelt into your wedding band. Sometimes people wish to add special family rings no longer worn to make their ring all that more special. If you wish to work in platinum, we cannot re use your platinum and can order ring material for you.

To make your rings we will need to start off with a strip of metal which is roughly the same shape and width to the band you want to make. 

So in order to get the correct materials for you  there are three bits of information we will need to know 

  • Width - how wide you would like your band? Average widths 2,3,4,5,6,8mm

  • Thickness - how thick would you like your band? standard is 1.5mm but if you work with your hands 2mm is best

  • Shape - what basic shape you would like from a curved band or a flat style of band?

  • Metal Choice - what metal you would like to make your rings out of?

    We work in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, sterling silver, copper and bronze. 









Metal Shape

Half Round 

Curved on the outside and flat on the inside, this is the most classic shape of wedding band. 


Rectangle / Flat

With straight sides and a flat outside and inside. 

Comfort Fit

Oval or court is curved on the inside and also on the outside.


Sometimes called halo, round is made from a piece of round wire and is only suitable for smaller rings.

Textures & Surface Finish 

From the three basic ring shapes we can help you to make many different styles of band, from a classic perfectly polished ring to a unique hand textured band.  

You can apply a polished, brushed, textured, hammered or sculpted finish to any of the material options and you will get to try out some different techniques on test metal and a practice ring before applying to your own wedding bands. 

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