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This tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn how to make a pierced window pendant.

This PDF tutorial includes step by step instructions on how to sucessfully pierce using a jewelers saw, file, solder and patina with amazing results. For a more in depth patina applications please see Liver of Sulfur Secrets.

It is 19 pages long and contains photographs and samples of every step.

Techniques in the tutorial include: Piercing, Filing, Sanding, Texturing, Liver of Sulfur, Ball Rivets, Basic Soldering Techniques, Satin Finishes

Note: You will need a two fuel torch for this tutorial. That is, a torch that has both an oxygen and a fuel tank. The torch I use is the Smith Little Torch.

Robyn Cornelius

Little Rock Jewellery Studio

The file size is 3.91 Megabytes

Pierced Window Tutorial

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