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Bedrock Academy

Educational Craft Programs

Grades 1-12

In-School Field Trips

Book a fun and engaging in-school field trip for students in Grades 3 - 12! Students will be immersed in a variety of crafts providing a hands on experience!  Our In-School Field Trips are designed to spark imagination, hand eye co ordination and an appreciation for craft. We bring everything you need to create, inspire and experience what it is like to make craft. Each class is 45 to 90 minutes in length, depending on the grade and projects that is selected. Save time, money, and the hassle of coordinating transportation. If you are outside the Edmonton Metro Area travel costs are $1 per km. We are aa approved vendor with Edmonton Public Schools.

Zoom on Demand

Are you out of our teaching range? Book a zoom class! We will ship our projects and schedule a zoom meeting for a  variety of projects. Presenter-led programs, live streamed in your classroom.

Field Trips to our Studios

Come visit our studios for more in depth classes such as glass working and silversmithing. 

Bedrock Supply Studios

Rubble Road Soapstone

9435 63 Avenue

Edmonton, AB



Craft Kits

Order a variety of craft kits for your classroom!

Travel Fe


Age Groups


Beading Classes, Soapstone Carving, Laser Wood Cut Projects

Grades 3+

Beading Classes, Wire Working Classes, Laser Wood Cut Projects, Soapstone Carving, Metal Stamping

Grades 5+

Silversmithing, Lampwork Glass

In Studio Classes

Can only be done in our studios:

Lampworking Glass, Silversmithing, Enamelling

Can be done in your Classroom

Beading, Wire Working, Laser Cut Wood Projects, Soapstone Carving, Metal Stamping

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